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Contact Doug's Small Home Repairs LLC today and book an appointment with us by dialing the numbers made available on this website. We are available to all clients in Harrisville, WV and the surrounding areas. We do exceptional work at reasonable and competitive rates.

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Our goal is to make your experience smooth and pleasant. We pride ourselves on our reputation in Harrisville and surrounding areas. We understand the importance of customer service and are committed to delivering you the best.

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Our excellent office Electrical and Plumbing repair business leaves nothing to be desired. By utilizing top-quality products and paying extensive attention to detail, we guarantee a well-rounded service that yields nothing but remarkable results. Let our experts take care of all you needs today!

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We don’t want there to be any surprises or secrets. We aren’t trying to pull one over on you, we want you to know what you are paying for in advance!

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When it comes to great electrical and plumbing services, we are the specialists to call upon! Doug's Small Home Repairs LLC has spent many years in the business providing the communities we serve with the high-quality results they deserve at reasonable rates. Based and operating in New Harrisville, WV and available in the surrounding areas, we offer the following services:

Plumbing Services

Electrical Services

Furnace repairs

AC or Heating repairs

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